THE GOTHAM PROJECT is the pioneer of locally filled reusable stainless steel kegs of high quality soulful wines.
Gotham is a collaboration between Charles Bieler (BIELER Pere et Fils, Charles & Charles, Three Thieves, Sombra mezcal) and Bruce Schneider (Schneider Vineyards, Schneider Selections, OBRIGADO Vinhos Portugal).
Gotham Project's inaugural release was "the finger", a 2009 Finger Lakes Riesling from Seneca lake, NY, aka the middle finger. Once a few hard-core friends began to offer Gotham on tap we started to get requests for more options.

GOTHAM & FRIENDS In order to offer a variety of soulful options we turned to our own winemaking projects and our friends to offer a collection of authentic and exciting juice from coast to coast and around the world.

LOCALLY FILLED Gotham Project has developed a network of "filling stations" to ensure that all wines are put in keg in a manner that ensures quality and in a way that minimizes the distances that kegs travel. Filling stations located in NY, CA, IL, WA, and CO. The goal is for average distances kegs travel from empty to re-fill to be less than 500 miles.

our promise to you is a better glass of wine. one that customers will enjoy, and is sustainable.
FRESHNESS. No more oxidized wines by the glass or waste.
VALUE. Save 10-15% or more compared to same wine from bottle and eliminate loss from corked bottles and oxidized wines.
ECO-FRIENDLY. By replacing single use packaging with a reusable container we reduce carbon footprint. one keg used for wine over it's lifetime will eliminate the use of 3,000 bottles, closures/foils, and labels. less than 30% of all glass gets recycled.
CONVENIENT. More compact and easier to handle than 26+ bottles. No empty bottles to dispose of.

wines are dispensed using standard draught systems, however with a higher grade of fittings than are commonly used for beer. the wine is pushed using a gas blend of nitrogen and co2.

For a standard 19.5L keg dimensions and specs CLICK HERE

A. If you have a traditional beer keg system: We suggest that you push the wine with a nitrogen-CO2 blend (minimum 75% nitrogen) at the lowest possible pressure (normally between 8 - 10 PSI). The lines should be cleaned at least every 3 months (maintenance info below).

Valpar Barriermesiter Flavourlock tubing (we suggest using the shortest lines possible)
304 stainless steel faucets
304 stainless steel shanks
304 stainless steel couplers

B. Stand-alone keg cooler: Micro Matic has many options available and single door units can be set up for up to four taps. (www.micromatic.com).
For Valpar tubing and any equipment needs for your tap system we suggest that you start by looking at Micro Matic (www.micromatic.com).

Sparkling wine: for short runs where product is close to faucet (8' or less) we recommend CO2. for longer runs we recommend a nitrogen-co2 blend (minimum 75% nitrogen) White & rose: Nitrogen-CO2 BLEND (minimum 75% nitrogen) aka "beer blend" or "Guinness mix". Red wine: PURE NITROGEN (or nitrogen-co2 blend)

For traditional beer systems or keg coolers, there are a number of companies who can do this work, and perhaps you are already working with someone you like. if not please contact us and we can recommend someone in your area that is familiar with the special requirements for wine.

DOCTORS OF WINE ON TAP ARE ON CALL. EMAIL US, DAMN IT: SERIOUSLY, we want to be involved with get up and go with these systems so PLEASE loop us in to help ensure this is a total success.